refurbished Mac Pros from Apple
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You can now buy refurbished Mac Pros from Apple


Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro, the world’s most expensive cheese grater — if you were going to use it for that, which you shouldn’t — is now available on Apple’s online refurb storeMacRumors reports. That means savings of around 15 percent, which is a ton when you consider the base price of a new Pro is $5,999.

According to MacRumors, the cheapest available refurbished model is a base configuration ($5,999) with upgraded RAM ($300), which is available refurbished for $5,349. A deal! On the high end, you can buy $22,439 worth of computer, which is still a $4,000 savings as compared to a new model.

These are great deals when you consider what goes into Apple’s refurbishment program: full functional testing, Apple part replacements, and a thorough cleaning. Also, a one-year warranty. If you’re in the market for Mac Pro, you really can’t do better than this.

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